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Marketing by
Distilling Best Practice Wisdom for Business and Life since 2009.
Distilling Best Practice Wisdom for Business and Life since 2009.

This is what using video
in your business feels like.

This is what using VIDEO
in your business feels like.

We help to video enable businesses, 
by producing and teaching video.


We make awesome videos.

We specialize in quickly building engaging animated video content, working both solo or alongside your existing sales and marketing teams.

We help teams build videos.

We are not like most video agencies. We can pull the curtain back, and train your teams how to build amazing videos 'in-house' independent of outside help.

We do much more than video.

We go way beyond video. We offer ebook, infographic, and funnel design for full content packages for your websites, campaigns and so much more. 
"Over the past seven years, The Project Shaman has built well over a thousand videos for Demand Metric. From building out a tremendous amount of product videos, to fully video enabling our digital marketing training systems, and building an on-going stream of videos for our clients, The Project Shaman is our go-to video resource. Phi and his team of artists are a reliable, creative and dedicated extension of our existing team, helping us bring our visions to reality each and every time without missing a beat."
Jesse Hopps
CEO & Founder, Demand Metric
"The Project Shaman's skill and creativity is unparalleled. With our content they've created video, ebooks, and infographics that get our message out in a powerful way. Their leader Phi Schmidt’s abilities are eclipsed by his perpetually sunny attitude and disposition. You can rely on Phi, and his team, to create differentiating assets while never missing a deadline. He does all within his power – and then some – to make you happy and help you succeed. Working with The Project Shaman is a pleasure!"
Jerry Rackley
Director of Marketing, HostBridge Technology

Packages starting at $997 USD.

Distilling Best Practice Wisdom for 
Business and Life since 2009.

Packages starting at $997 USD.

The Project Shaman | Copyright ©2009-2020 | All Rights Reserved
The Project Shaman | Copyright ©2009-2020 | All Rights Reserved
762 Upper James Street, Suite 167, Hamilton, ON, L9C 3A2