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Distilling Best Practice Wisdom for Business and Life since 2009.
Distilling Best Practice Wisdom for Business and Life since 2009.


Delivered by 'The Project Shaman'.

Meet Phi Schmidt. Lead Shaman.

After discovering the 80/20 rule and distilling best practice knowledge, Phi founded 'The Project Shaman' in 2009, which has served sales and marketing clients, focused primarily on video, ebook and infographic production along with team coaching and training.

From 'Hollywood' to Happiness.

Phi's past career had him working on visual effects for films/tv/ads (such as Ford, Toyota, and ‘300’) and imprisoned deep within the inner workings of advertising agencies as a full time creative. Now he works happily from his home office in Ancaster, Ontario, collaborating with and leading his global remote team of skilled designers and artists.

Want to see Phi's visual effects reel, 
before he left 'Hollywood'?
Look out at the end for a layer-by-layer shot breakdown (from bluescreen to final composite).
Are you available for projects or new clients?
We work with a limited number of clients at a time, but we are always queuing up our next projects. Although we place priority on our preferred VIP clients (with on-going monthly retainers), that can be overridden based on your qualification criteria and project scope when you first contact us.
What do you normally charge per hour?
We no longer do hourly pricing. We quote fixed prices (for projects and/or training) based on our clients needs, our availability and the timeframe we will be working together. That said, we do offer reduced rates to our preferred VIP clients (with on-going monthly retainers).
What does 'The Project Shaman' mean?
In ancient tribes, the Shaman would interact with the mysterious/magical spirit world, to promote insights and healing. Although we are by no means real world shaman, in the 'digital sense' we do have some pretty powerful magic spells and tricks up our sleeves. We use shaman as plural. Our goal is for all of our clients to become ‘Project Shaman’.

How do I pronounce your first name, 'PHI'?
Phi, rhymes with WiFi or 'clarify'. Although not given at birth, family and friends have been calling him this since childhood. Later in life Phi found out that his name is also the mathematical formula for the 'Golden Ratio'. Phi (1.618 = Φ) as a formula is connected to fractals , including the fractal 80/20.
Whose voice is featured in all of the videos?
Many of our videos include a narration by our Lead Shaman and occasional voiceover artist, Phi Schmidt. Although other voice over options are always available, Phi's voiceover work has been praised by our clients, and their customers, for being fun and engaging.
Who made all of the videos on this website?
We did! In fact we built the videos (and page design/funnels) on this site using the same processes, frameworks and secret agency templates that we teach in our third stage of our Video Enablement training. We can teach your team to build these videos too! What kind of impact would that make to your business?


Packages starting at $2497 USD.

Distilling Best Practice Wisdom for 
Business and Life since 2009.

Packages starting at $2497 USD.

The Project Shaman | Copyright ©2009-2021 | All Rights Reserved
The Project Shaman | Copyright ©2009-2023 | All Rights Reserved
3-35 Stonechurch Road, Suite 258, Ancaster, Ontario, L9K 1S4, Canada