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what my clients are saying

  • I’d highly recommend The Project Shaman to any organization or leader who is looking for a results-driven, highly effective marketer, strategist and communicator. Working with The Project Shaman, we have launched a full scale video marketing program and built and launched over 20 strategic marketing courses.

    Jesse Hopps
    President of Demand Metric
  • The Project Shaman always brings out the best of me; my website alone attracts new clients and his advice has made me a better consultant. You are fun, authentic, efficient and very knowledgeable. The Project Shaman always over delivers beyond my expectation and makes me look very good. :)

    Judit Ronai
    Owner of Healing with SRT
  • The Project Shaman is a great asset for any individual or company to have access to - a great friend who cares about the success and people he works with. With Phi’s coaching, my success has accelerated and I’ve been able to meet most of my targets (sales, family, lifestyle, etc.) and have a building block for my future growth.

    Jamie McHardy
    CFO at LURA Consulting
  • With your help, I’ve taken control of my business website, discovered and leveraged the power of online videos, and built an incredible brand on social media. As I entered into my current political campaign for City Councillor, your foundation has served to connect me to my neighbours and enroll volunteers at incredible rates.

    Matthew Green
    President of Integrated Active Living Inc.
  • With your help, I’ve become a much more organized person, in both business and life. Thank you for your practical knowledge, your generosity and accountability, and being approachable, responsible and punctual with your guidance. Everybody with a business would benefit greatly from your knowledge.

    Gabriela Luschinger
    Owner of Gathering Bliss
  • It was so easy to creatively collaborate with you on the entire project. You made a complicated, and to me overwhelming project, into a very easy, smooth and enjoyable one. Thank you for listening, interpreting and taking what's in someone else’s head and making it a reality! You turned my ideas into an exceptional video.

    Clare Price
    Owner of CFP Media Group
  • The Project Shaman has given me a broader vision of what’s possible in my business, as well as action steps that I can take immediately to get the next product launch completed and off to a strong start! With your help, I’ve developed skills that I never knew I could have; from skills in online branding to lead generation!

    Unity J
    Owner of Healing with Unity
  • Phi really takes the time to understand every project, the goals we'd like to reach, and always has good advice for a new perspective or direction to go in. With his help, I’ve learned to ask the right questions when writing a business plan, what a good logo, website and social media strategy is, and how to maximize their value.

    Viktor Madarasz
    Chairman of Exclusive FOREX

companies that are on board with the best practice
methodologies, tools and research that I use

"Those who ignore the 80/20 principle are doomed to average returns.

Those who use it must bear the burden of exceptional achievement."

Richard Koch (author of The 80/20 Principle)


I help business owners achieve more with less.

The science and data behind the 80/20 rule is solid: 20% of what you're doing leads to 80% of your results. By discovering and focusing on those few really important things your odds for success are amplified!


Finding these gems is the true treasure hunt of your business and life and its my life's mission to join you and empower you on that quest.


20% of your products, services and customers likely account for 80% of your profits and 20% of your relationships probably account for 80% of your enjoyment and satisfaction in life.

Are you leveraging 80/20 Best Practices? 




I help business owners and entrepreneurs stop gambling with their sales & marketing strategy to leverage best practices and win.



I help business owners and entrepreneurs who are spending too much time at work to clarify & prioritize their focus so they can make more money and work a lot less.


I've assembled a powerful collection of ready-to-use templates, research, and tools complete with video training that you and your team can use to immediately get things done.


I've distilled all of the most powerful productivity books, courses and frameworks into a system that turns your smartphone into your own automated productivity assistant.


For those who like to accelerate their results, I personally help business owners and their teams find 80/20 opportunities hiding in their business, to achieve more with less.


I help business owners ensure that happiness is at the center of their business model, and show them how to build routines and processes that ensure their life outside of business is amazing.


I do 100% of my own marketing (including this website, marketing automation funnel and videos). For a limited group of VIP clients, I roll up my sleeves and build what they need.


Utilizing Joseph Campbells mythic framework, I help my clients see their lives as an adventure and help them overcome obstacles that are holding them back from success.

"Knowing is not enough. We must apply.

Willing is not enough. We must do.”

Bruce Lee


Hi! My name's Phi and I'm The Project Shaman.

I’m a Business & Life Coach/Consultant and I help my clients (and their teams) leverage best practices in their business and life. Using the 80/20 rule, I help my clients discover and focus on high impact opportunities that will truly make a difference, and then help them get it done!

I decided to press eject on my film career and leave it all.

In a past life I landed my 'dream job' as a well paid, full time visual effects artist working on feature films like '300' and 'Happy Feet' or for commercial clients like Toyota and Ford. It was my job to make magic happen on tight deadlines and under immense pressure. At the end of any big project, it often meant working 16 hour days, seven days a week. I realized in this 'glamorous' corporate hollywood lifestyle I'd never have the time or freedom to physically be there for my family. In short, I'd miss out on my sons soccer games and daughters dance recitals.

I seriously almost died becoming an entrepreneur.

A near-death experience inspired me to redesign my life to have more time freedom, stop commuting and become a cubicle escape artist. I wanted to start working from home, run my business off of a cell phone, have no ceiling on my income and truly experience the happiness by being present with my family for more than a couple hours a day. 

The 80/20 rule changed my business and life forever.

I discovered the 80/20 rule and realized that with the right knowledge about business, sales & marketing my life could be very different. From there on I spent my long work days listening to endless audio books, and my 4 hour daily commute reviewing my notes and distilling best practices. With this knowledge I built an escape pod and successfully launched my new business and life working from home.

Now I help others leverage proven best practices too.

I work with my clients from my home office in beautiful Hamilton, the 'City of Waterfalls' (60km southwest from Toronto, Ontario), or by using my mobile office setup while traveling with my family. I love the freedom of both my business and life, and it's my goal to help others make happiness the center of their business model.

Want to see my visual effects reel before I left Hollywood?


*Look out at the end for a layer-by-layer shot breakdown (from bluescreen to final composite).

"Change is not a threat, it's an opportunity.

Survival is not the goal, transformative success is."

Seth Godin (marketing visionary)

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