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I help business owners and executives who are spending too much time at work to clarify & prioritize their focus so that they can make more money and work a lot less.

Not every 'business' focused person lives the dream.

When I began running my own business, the long days didn’t really go away. The promises of time freedom and unlimited ceiling on income came with its own steep price: I was spending most of my time and focus on my business. Making money did not guarantee happiness.

TIME management is really LIFE management.

I discovered that everything in life is actually a project. Your work, your relationships, the guitar you want to play more often, the garden you want to grow this summer, it’s all a project and every project requires time, focus and management. Mission accepted.

Is happiness the center of your business model?

In a quest to control my happiness, I distilled every productivity best practice I could find (from GTD - Getting Things Done methodology to the 4 Hour Work Week). After trying it all, I created a combination of routines that gave me my life back! Now I help my clients use the 80/20 rule to make happiness the center of their business model, without sacrificing their bottom line.

"With The Project Shaman’s help and coaching, I’ve been able to meet most of my targets (sales, family, lifestyle, etc.) and have a building block for my future growth."

Jamie McHardy, Partner at LURA Consultants


I help business owners on their Heros Journey.

You are the hero in your adventure, your 'Heros Journey' as Joseph Campbell would say, on a quest to bring value with your business to the world, and to find financial and personal happiness along the way.


Joseph Campbell, author and expert mythologist, discovered the amazing fact that every mythic quest around the world actually shared the exact same story structure, which he called 'The Heros Journey' in his classic book 'A Hero with a Thousand Faces'.


This journey is not just the structure of myths and countless Hollywood movies (from Star Wars to the Matrix) but it's also the path of your very own life as an entrepreneur, on a quest to make the world a better place.

every hero needs an ally

"The greatest geniuses sometimes accomplish
more when they work less.”

Leonardo da Vinci

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