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  1. Are you available for projects or new clients, at this time?
  2. What do you normally charge per hour?
  3. What does 'The Project Shaman' mean?
  4. How do I pronounce your first name?
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Frequently Asked Questions

1Are you available for projects or new clients, at this time?
I'm always looking for new clients (aka Action Takers). Wether we work together one-on-one, or you join one of my group coaching or classes, there are lots of different ways to interact with me.

When it comes to taking on projects, I do place priority on my preferred VIP clients (with on-going monthly retainers), but based on your qualification criteria when you first contact me, I am always ready to work directly with new clients who are perfectly suited and ready for my help.
2What do you normally charge per hour?
I no longer do hourly pricing. I quote fixed prices (for projects and/or coaching) based on my clients needs, my availability and the timeframe we will be working together. That said, I do offer reduced rates to my preferred VIP clients (with on-going monthly retainers).

I strongly believe (and have been told very often by my clients) that the power of my best practice advice, even in only a few minutes, can be worth infinitely more than an hourly wage can fairly represent; so I just don't bother using rates like that any more!
3What does 'The Project Shaman' mean?
I use the term Shaman as a tongue in cheek way to say I'm ready to help bring powerful healing solutions to the projects in your business and life. I am by no means a real world shaman in the traditional sense.

According to the dictionary, a Shaman (pronounced: [shah-muh n, sham-uh n]) is a person, usually in a tribal setting, "who acts as an intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using magic to cure illness, foretell the future, control spiritual forces, etc." Although this all sounds pretty cool, that is not really what I 'actually' do. That said, in the 'digital sense' I do have some pretty powerful magic spells and tricks up my sleeve that I've acquired scouring through the endless invisible world of knowledge we call the 'Internet', to help you and your projects leverage best practice wisdom easily and quickly.

For that reason, I go by 'The Project Shaman'.
4How do I pronounce your first name, 'PHI'?
My first name, Phi, rhymes with WiFi or 'clarify'. It is spelt 'P-H-I'. Although not my birth name, my family and friends have been calling me this since I was in elementary school. I've kept it ever since, and into my business life, as I see all of my clients as friends and family.

Later in life I found out that my name is also the mathematical formula for the 'Golden Ratio'. Phi (1.618 = Φ) is the second in an infinite sequence of n-nacci constants which all satisfy the equation;- F + 1/F^n =2. And no, I am no math expert, but I still appreciate funky fractals and clever formulas regardless!
"I could either watch it happen, or be part of it."

Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX)

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